Synonyms: drop-down list, drop-down menu, drop menu, pull-down list, picklist

Is a control element that allows the user to choose a value from a list. Dropdown-menu displays a single value when inactive and a list of values when it’s activated.




Dropdowns are huge. Since 1974 this tiny element helps us in it’s laconic way to pick and choose. But there is a problem of relevance. In SXSW Keynote 2016’ Eric Campbell & Golden Krishna dropped their hilarious lection called «You know what? F**k dropdowns» wherein in a humorous way shows the pastness and illustrates the pain points of dropdowns.



Here is a long list:

  1. Difficult to access the list length
  2. Takes up a lot of space on mobile
  3. Forces options you might not want
  4. Degrades to awful «other» choice
  5. Can’t use keyboard on mobile to search
  6. Can’t type custom responses
  7. Can’t be sorted unpredictably
  8. Can take up whole screen on desktop
  9. Can encourage endless options
  10. Desired options can be far away
  11. Short responses can be typed faster
  12. Can be a useless reminder of choices
  13. Breaks down with dynamic content
  14. Degrates brand experience
  15. Archaic UI element
  16. Pervasive «Country» dropdowns are often unnecessary
  17. Desired option might be missing
  18. Can make your company look unsophisticated
  19. Indentations are difficult to navigate
  20. Categorisation can create more confusion
  21. «Title» field is usually superfluous
  22. All choices in database, not most common selections
  23. Makes you feel like a machine
  24. «0» option is inelegant
  25. Error-validation for correlation fields fails
  26. There’s no reason to remind someone of the month of the year
  27. No one needs help remembering their birth year
  28. Sorting is rarely done by most common options
  29. Long text can get cut off after selection
  30. Awful ways to navigate
  31. Put’s people into possibly offensive buckets
  32. No one needs a drop down for their age
  33. «Security question» drop down can be deflating
  34. A list of options for «phone type» is unnecessary
  35. Without labels, can be unpredictable

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