Maestro Concept

The Maestro concept is a productivity technique that was initially used in journalism to make teamwork much easier. The focal principle is to try thinking like a reader when creating media material.

Five points

  1. Brainstorm meetings inside the team.
  2. Coaching: editors or product managers act as the “maestro” to lead other team members through the development.
  3. Avoiding the traditional approach: stick to the holistic, user-focused process.
  4. Maestro session: think like a reader (or user), visualizing the layout, merging the work of team members.
  5. Follow-up from “maestro”: review of the project, process, and its impact.

Who? What? When and Where?

Four fundamental questions to define.


  • Who? Show by photo or illustration.
  • What? The headline.
  • When and where? Lead which takes the reader's attention further and makes them read the whole story.

A Bit of History

This concept was created in the early 1990s by the professor of journalism at Kentucky University, Leland "Buck" Ryan. As a designer, you can use this technique to simplify the working process around new products or features.

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