Onboarding is the process of introducing an application to a user that helps him get started. There are 3 types of onboarding:

  1. Self-select: to customise user’s experience
  2. Quickstart: to start directly in the app
  3. User benefits: to see a benefits of using the app


Designed by Raquel

Tip's & tricks

  1. Don’t use many screens —  3­-4 screens are enough to present your app.
  2. Allow users to skip the onboarding — some of them have used your app before, they don’t need to check it again.
  3. Show progress, so users can see when the process will be over.
  4. More illustrations, less text — don’t overload users with a lot of text.
  5. Animate it — your onboarding has to be short, but with the right animations you can tell your users more.
  6. Focus on user needs — they’ve already downloaded your app. Show them, how it can improve their life.
  7. Keep it simple.

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