Out-of-Box Experience

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Out-of-Box Experience is about the first interaction with technology and the impression it brings when the user opens the box or installs the product for the very first time.


OOBE can create the lasting positive effect on the whole user experience after. Key factors for this process to be productive are easy-to-follow onboarding guides and a good old manufacturing quality.


Speaking of OOBE we sometimes deal with out-of-box failure (OOBF). This one refers to the failure of a product that takes place straight away upon the first usage. It is important to control the product quality and fix all the bugs in time to avoid any error during the user's out -of-box experience.


Some of the best practices in this field belong to Apple. The 3 seconds that lid slides out of the new iPhone box to enhance your excitement, or easy onboarding tips right on the screen instead of any printed instructions – these are the details that make your experience with the product unforgettable and impressive from the first second.

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The main objective for out-of-box experience is to balance between the user’s individual goals such as helpful instructions and easy acquaintance with a product, and the business goals such as branding and the image of the product.


Consumer experience is always one single story. Opening the box can affect all the further interaction with a product and this makes the out-of-box experience so important to be considered as a vital part of the whole user flow.

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