Overshoot is an optical adjustment of one element in comparison to another with the purpose to achieve a visual balance between shapes or letters.


In relation to typefaces, it is common to make round characters (C, O) practically taller than the flat ones (T, H) because of the human’s eye biological tendency to perceive circles as smaller shapes than squares of the same dimensions.


Triangle shapes also appear smaller than they are in reality, so the solution here is the same: applying slight overshoot for the pointed letters (A, V, W, N, M) will make them look the same size as the flat ones.




Tips & Tricks

While working with overshoots, remember that capital letters with a necessity for this feature are usually extended below the baseline or above the cap height, whilst lowercase letters are normally enlarged below the baseline and/or above the x-height. You may also use these rules for circle and triangle shapes in your design by applying the guidelines.

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