Real-time feedback

It is a kind of qualitative data collection that allows you to receive simultaneous feedback from your website visitors or app users.

Designed by Aaron Iker

With applying real-time feedback in the places where you need insights the most, you can check users' wishes immediately and monitor potential problems. For example, bugs can be often overlooked while testing, and real-time feedback from your clients can become a free instrument that can help to improve your interface.

Tips to make your real-time customer feedback work

  1. Establish a way to notify your team about all the discovered bugs for speedy fixes. You can use Slack, tickets in Jira or email, etc.
  2. Give an opportunity to the user to leave a specific feedback about any problematic process. It is definitely more helpful to receive messages with a ready-made description of specific bugs like “not responding checkout button”, then to guess what did the user meant by evaluating his or her experience on your website with a “0” rate. As already mentioned above, you may implement a feedback button on each page for this purpose.
  3. It is a good practice to follow up the users who reported bugs to let them know that you appreciate their help and work on discovered issues.

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