Sketching is a quick drawing that helps a designer express an idea. Designers use sketching to outline a concept, discuss ideas, and solve design problems quickly.


Sketches are made quickly, often by hand, and in a minimalistic manner, allowing the artist to visualize ideas fast.


Designed by Ufuk Cetincan


Why Use

  1. To communicate ideas quickly.
  2. To solve a design or product problem.
  3. To capture the main thoughts of a meeting or conference.
  4. To display the project concept briefly.
  5. To create user journey.
  6. To create prototype screens and information architecture.


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Tips and Tricks

  1. Get yourself some good pens
    Some for basic drawing, some different colored pens for shading in things, and highlighters for shading in interface elements like buttons.
  2. Get yourself some dotted paper
    It will help you to draw shapes and layouts more accurately.
  3. Write clearly
    Your team needs to understand what you are writing on your sketches. Communicate your message clearly and explicitly.
  4. Save your sketches
    Take photos or scan your work. First, they can be used as a portfolio. Secondly, you will be able to return to the necessary information.

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