Synonyms: technofear, dislike of new technologies

Technophobia is a fear of advanced technology or computer devices.




These days, technophobia mostly involves fears about privacy and freedom, concerns about governments and corporate tracking, data collection, security, and misinformation.


«afraid of his own shadow»


Most often, this term is used inappropriately to blame users for their distaste for technology. In fact, user antipathy indicates a failure of technology to be responsive to user needs.


A system that is difficult to learn, or a system that works slowly or for other reasons does not work with improvement, it is simply looking for excuses for its inaction, which in modern conditions can be detrimental to the company.


  1. Seeking excuses
  2. Irrational
  3. Inaction
  4. Waste of time
  5. Fear of complexity
  6. Error reluctance
  7. Dislike of something new
  8. Blindness

I’d like to say that the world of design and business is all puppies and rainbows, but I’d be lying to you. Design careers have their challenges just like any other profession. Everyone experiences fear as a designer on some level. The difference in success and failure is how we deal with phobias as a designer, and how me move past it. You have to move past it in order to succeed and land your dream job, or scoop up those dream clients for your own business.
— James George, Graphic Design Freelancer


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