True Intent Study

A research method designed to collect data to understand users objectives as they visit a website. True Intent Study is a survey done on your website or app asking your users:

  1. Why are they here?
  2. What are they trying to get done?
  3. Can they complete what they came here to do?
  4. How was their experience?


Sometimes the survey also asks for demographic or other relevant information.


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Why to Use

  1. The research helps to describe the user's experience from interacting with the site. It then helps to better understand users and how to meet their needs.
  2. The data collected during the study allows identifying important or necessary content and to design user flows.
  3. The study helps to assess the site's state and identify its weaknesses.
  4. True Intent Study allows you to test hypotheses and see if the users have any problems with them.

Steps and Tips

  1. Determine where to intercept people. It depends on the questions you want to ask. Think about what you want to test. For example, you want to understand why users leave the site without completing registration. In this case, you may intercept them when they click on a shopping cart and ask them a few questions.
  2. Figure out how long to run the study. Generally, the study is conducted one week to compare the users' behavior on weekdays and weekends. The duration of the survey depends on how many people you want to survey.
  3. Select software to conduct true intent study. Do not overload the questionnaire, otherwise visitors won't want to fill it out. Make sure to ask short, clear and important questions.




  1. You receive the data right after the users perform specific tasks.
  2. You get insights into your website visitors.
  3. It can be run as often you need to check out the state of your site.


  1. Study can late to response bias since often users with the most complaints will take a survey.
  2. If the site traffic is slow you may have not enough people to survey.

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