User feedback loop

Synonyms: customer feedback loop

It is a technique that involves a permanent product improvement based on the customer’s reviews and suggestions. That means the actions on both sides – company and user – influence each other in the product constant upgrading process.


It works like this: customers leave some feedback on their side, the product team analyzes it after, makes some conclusions and implements new features to improve the customer experience. After that the loop should be repeated.

Basic Scheme

  1. Build the product: bring your idea to life so the customers could try it.
  2. Test the product: check if the users actually love it.
  3. Improve the product: understand how to make your product favorable among the customers by analyzing the customer’s feedback.


User feedback loop is a constant process of upgrading your product through all these three steps.




User feedback loop has some valuable benefits. First of all, it is a great foundation for customer engagement. Users are interested to provide some feedback and get the product improved according to their needs. Hence, it can help to create long lasting relationships with your customers and reduce the complaints with a quick reaction to all the possible problem issues. In other words, user feedback loop is an excellent reality checker that allows you to be up to date with your customers’ experience. According to some research, 79% of customers are willing to continue using the product if the experience was good enough.


Building a user loop is easy and only requires a coherent approach to customer feedback and some analytical skills. It can be divided into three steps:

  1. Gathering information from your clients with surveys, live chats, reviews or direct emails.
  2. Studying and analyzing the gathered data. You may hierarchize the issues by frequency and importance for your product growth.
  3. Implementing new solutions to the product. Don’t forget to inform your users about new features – it is crucial to let the customers know their feedback is considered.

Your business growth directly depends on the happiness of your customers. User feedback loop is important to make sure your clients are satisfied with your service and are likely to stay with your product in the future.

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