Von Restorff Effect

Between multiple similar objects the one that differs from the rest is going to be remembered. To enhance the difference and accentuate the contrast you may use color, shape, position or texture.


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This theory was developed by Hedwig von Restorff in 1933, who discovered that participants are likely to memorize one distinctive item among the other similar items on the list.

Tips & Tricks

You may implement Von Restorff Effect to:

  • Make important information or key actions in your interface visually distinguishable
  • Restrain the emphasis on visual elements to avoid them competing with one another


You should also be careful and consider people who are sensitive to motion while using animation as a contrast feature, as well as color for people with a color vision deficiency or low vision.‍

"Positively remembered, for standing out from the crowd"
— Hedwig Von Restorff


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