Zen To Done

Synonyms: ZTD, The Simple Productivity System

Zen To Done is a task management system, based on the Getting Things Done method. A distinctive feature of ZTD is to do things in a simple, stress-free way.


The goal of ZTD is to simplify your life and focus on the things that really matter to you and are important in the long term. In fact, Zen To Done is a set of habits that helps you effectively manage your time.


How to Use

ZTD consists of 10 habits. But you don't need to implement them all at once. It is better to take one habit, focus on it, and practice it for 30 days. After that, you can move on to the next one. Habits can be implemented in any order.


Habit 1 – Collect information and write it down

Write down any ideas, tasks, or thoughts that come to mind. Use the most simple tools: notepad, stickers, notes in your phone, which will always be at hand. This way you won't forget anything.

Habit 2 – Process your notes and emails

Check the information once a day and make quick decisions. Delete it, delegate it, write it down, or do it if it takes 2 minutes or less.

Habit 3 – Plan

Make a plan for the week and for the day. Every day, determine the top 3 MIT (Most Important Tasks) and complete them.

Habit 4 – Do and focus

Do one task at a time, without being distracted by email, phone, and other tasks. Pomodoro Technique can help with this.


Habit 5 – Use a simple system

Simplify the management of your tasks. Use simple tools instead of new complex ones. Create simple lists and check them daily.

Habit 6 – Organize

Put things in their proper places. Keep your incoming emails in one place. Keep your desktop clean.

Habit 7 – Review

Review your goals and system every week and month. Monitor your progress and plan your steps for the next week.

Habit 8 – Simplify

Reduce your list of tasks and goals to essentials. Make information flows easier and smaller, and remove those that aren't related to your goals. Do this daily.


Habit 9 – Set and keep routines

Daily, weekly, and monthly habits and rituals will structure your daily life and make you more efficient.

Habit 10 – Find your passion

Do something that brings you joy and motivation. Build a career out of it.

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