What Is the Best Drawing Software for Beginners?

If you've just started learning how to draw, you'll need software that is not overloaded with the tools that can distract a beginner. Take a look at the tools we've picked for you so you don't have to worry about your drawing career as a beginner.


This one is an online tool for creating designs for media and printed items. There you can create a free account, where you can use fonts, templates, pictures, and many more. Anyway, it is a good and understandable way to start drawing for a beginner.


Google Drawings

Google Drawings is also an online instrument for drawing. It doesn't have any templates, comparing to the previous tool, but has all the necessary features right in the toolbar. It's not sophisticated enough for a pro user but is okay for a fast drawing or a sketch.


Also, it is a nice tool to start with if you want to learn drawing from scratch.



This one is a very popular instrument for drawing and design creation among amateurs and beginners. It's an online platform for prototyping but has many useful features if you want to create an illustration.


Custom space with handy instruments can be shared among the team, so if you're a learner, you can see what's being done and learn from that!


Drawing Software: Advanced Level

When you already gave a little experience in drawing or simply not afraid of the challenging task, learning how to work with pro tools can be useful for a beginner. Comparing the tools for amateurs and the seasoner designers, the differences you see are:


  • Expanded toolbar
  • More formats
  • Better integrations


So, let's see, what instruments you can use if you want to start drawing like a pro.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator offers a great range of tools for creating high-quality graphics. It's quite hard to learn at first, but you can take a course on it our watch tutorials, which will explain to you the basics.



Taking any of these courses you'll learn the basics: drawing of sketches, multi-layer illustrations, logos, and brochures. Also, you'll know how to scale vector files with no loss in quality!


Photoshop was not created for drawing mostly, but with help of the instrument, you can also create illustrations, logos, and many more. Before starting, you'll have to customize your own tools bar and update some more settings.


it has CMYK, so you can easily and effectively work with colors there for making printing images. Also, you may find lots of free courses in Photoshop CC on the Internet. Here are some:



Likely to Know

In search of the best software for drawing, don't forget that you also need to know the other things to produce quality content. Here are some final tips for you:


  • Learn the theory of drawing
  • Practice to draw everywhere you can, not only with the software
  • Experiment with styles and techniques


And remember – the more you like what you do, the better and faster you will learn!

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