What Is the Best Prototyping Tool for a UI Designer?

Whether you are an experienced UX artist or not, you might need an appropriate prototyping tool for work. Prototyping helps create a better project and its delivery for everyone: from designers to product owners.


Every year there are more and more advanced instruments for prototyping to be distributed. How not to get lost in their features and choose the right one for your project? Let's learn the top 3 features of each tool so you can pick the right one!


Invision interface


InVision is a self-sufficient design platform for prototyping. The intriguing thing about this one is that it's easy to use even for the people who do prototypes rarely: managers, marketers e.i. But the most important about it is that the tool can be used on IOS, Windows, and Web.


  1. InVision can have a free trial! This prototyping tool has a simple and user-friendly design. Also, you can choose a solo development or in a team. In the free trial, you also can learn to make simple prototypes with in-built guides from InVision, very handy!
  2. No code is needed, which can be crucial for the newbies. InVision has already been done for you: layouts, interactions, transitions, overlays, and headers can be made without manually inputting HTML.
  3. Lots of integrations. Of course, integrations matter. Here you can upload files directly from Photoshop, Sketch, and Dropbox. Also, InVision has its own tool for screen designing from scratch - InVision Studio. Upload files from these containers to create a prototype for any screen!


InVision is a professional and accessible tool for making prototypes from scratch on different platforms, no need to worry if you have iOS or Windows – InVision supports everything, that's why it's #1 on the list.


Sketch app interface


These prototyping tools suit better experienced UI designers who are going to make a prototype from scratch. That's why Sketch has is so popular among formative part of the designer teams:


  1. Free and easy download and installation for IOS; You will have 30 days trial period in Sketch, that's why it takes the second place in our list of the coolest tools for prototyping: no Windows or Web version available.
  2. Adding links, hotspots to artboards and previewing prototypes. These are the features that make the process of prototyping more convenient and user-friendly.
  3. Assistant is a helpful tool while prototyping. It checks your design comparing to the set of rules and makes sure it doesn't have any issues or variances. Also, you can filter the bugs, find the one you are working on to fix!


Sketch is for sophisticated users, has lots of convenient features to help you during your work. Prototyping App has a user-friendly interface and no unwanted instruments. Spare and simple.


figma interface


One of the most popular tools for prototyping in 2021 is Figma. Friendly and native design instrument might meet the needs of pros and amateurs of prototyping:


  1. Templates for layouts can speed up the process of creating a prototype; You can also create a screen from scratch. This feature can be performed freely within the App or Web version.
  2. Plugins for Figma allow users to perform tasks in a file, manipulate layers, or interpret objects. There is one inconvenience about Figma plugins: you can use one plugin at a time.
  3. Changing systems. The app or a website needs to look good at web, mobile, and tablet version, so dynamically changing systems is very comfortable. Real-time collaboration for all your team members is the feature that you will fall in love with – handy and quick.


Figma is very much loved by the newbies of prototyping: it has the most wanted features, custom design, and free trial. If you are a freshman in the prototyping, this one will suit you perfectly!

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