What Is the Difference Between Product Designer and UX Designer?

This is the question of part and a whole. Anyways, if you want to know what are the responsibilities of a UX designer and, what are the musts of a product designer, read our article.


The scope of work for a product designer can seem much broader from the first sight. The amount of work is the same, but the amount of managing and routine work is different. Let's see what else different between these two designer's work.


  1. The responsibilities: product designer is responsible for ideas and the product research, UX designer is responsible for the realization of these ideas;
  2. The collaboration: product designer communicates with the business owner and the team. It means that this person is responsible for the correct delivery of the tasks. UX designer collaborates mostly with the team and a product designer.
  3. The duties: product designer's main task is to create the design for the end-user. The visuals that everyone will fall in love with immediately. It starts with the research and ends with testing and optimizing the design. A product designer also gives the guidelines for a UX designer.

What Tools Do UX and Product Designer Use?

There are so many tools for improving the work of a product designer. Let's look at some of them!


Research is a crucial part of the product designer's work. Delivering a clear message to an end-user, the designers both need to use appropriate tools for the research:



Use these tools to do discovery interviews and collect data from the market. There are also kinds of researches for UX designers. UX designer has to know the personas in the user flow and create a storyboard so that they have an opportunity to build a customer journey map. For that, the designer might use:



We can not underestimate the help of the design tools on the market.  That is why it is crucial to pick the right one for the purposes of a UX designer.


flowmapp User Flow Tool Interface
flowmapp User Flow Tool Interface


Creating and memorizing creative ideas is hard, especially if you don't have any tools. Professional product designer has many ways for ideation: sketching, storyboarding. All these tools help look at the idea and create a customer's journey map:



The UX designer does brainstorm and does create user flow maps. The market offers more than enough tools for these purposes. Besides the ones we already mentioned, here are some more ideation tools for a UX designer:



Make bookmarks about these tools to improve your UX and product design work!


flowmapp sitemap Tool Interface
flowmapp sitemap Tool Interface


Product designers can do the prototyping on their own. In that case, these tools will help the designer to built the prototypes:


The tools are also relevant to create wireframes creation.


Blueprint UX prototyping
Blueprint UX prototyping by Michal Kulesza 



Testing is an integral part of each product design. There are many great tools on the market:



Now when you know the tools for testing your designs as a product manager, here are some tools for UX design testing:



Don't forget to work in synergy with the marketing manager or digital marketing agency you've hired to improve your design. You must collect and analyze the data correctly.


Usability Testing Illustration
Usability Testing Illustration by tubik.arts 


To Sum It Up

Knowing the differences between product design is UX design is crucial for understanding the overall design process. They differ in the spheres of management and hard skills, which sometimes can be confusing. Thankfully, our guide will clear for you the tight points of being a product and UX designer. Stay tuned and maybe read our articles on design tools here!

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