What Are the Design Trends on Dribbble?

Hi guys! Are you bored? In vain: during our digital silence, we compiled a very inspiring selection of ten cool design trends that we found on Dribbble.


#1 – Generative AI in the Design Process

As you may know, along with GPT Chat, Generative AI is one of the most popular content-generation tools based on artificial intelligence. But when the first is sharpened for issuing text recommendations for user requests, the second also supports the creation of graphic content and even deepfakes. So why not use it for the benefit of your project?

Designed by Pontus Wellgraf

#2 – Blurs and Gradients

Oh, those gradients... Many of us studied at school at the time when they became popular. This trend has taken on new forms over the years, and from "rainbow and cute," it has become more "mature and meaningful". Just like here in our example.

Designed by Jan Losert

#3 – Full Use of the Card UI Component

Remember how interesting it was to watch in the movies for special agents who moved their hands through the air in their secret offices, navigating through hologram interfaces? Today you can reproduce something similar on standard two-dimensional screens. Just see how clearly and logically you can place elements of an interface without making them redundant.

Designed by Bipin Balan

#4 – Light Mode with an Option for Dark Mode

Dark mode has not slowed down in popularity since its "discovery" in 2019, and this is not surprising: every year, smartphone users spend more and more time on their hands. So give them a chance to rest their eyes!

Designed by Phenomenon Studio

#5 – Brutalism

Brutalism is not only about the absence of smooth lines. It's also about rough textures, primitive fonts, and anything else you'd think of if you were developing a website for Thor. By the way, here is a great example to consider.

Designed by Luka Marr

#6 – Onboarding Animation

The gamification used for customer onboarding is not outdated, but it is not appropriate everywhere. Therefore, why not choose a "light" version of this trend, embodying it in the form of animation? Just see how relevant it may look in the context of the business for which it was created.

Designed by Conceptzilla

#7 – Handmade Illustrations

With automation and the introduction of artificial intelligence wherever possible, users begin to appreciate the craft solutions even more. Especially when it comes to processes that don’t suffer from the presence of the human factor. Just remember how they said: "A robot cannot write a symphony". Many designers cherish the same idea, and it wins.

Designed by Storytale

#8 – Microinteractions

First, let's recall the definition: microinteractions are small, preferably functional animations that give the users visual feedback and display changes after their actions more clearly. In fact, they are responsible for making the user interface even more "alive and breathing". Here is a great example of the implementation of this trend.

Designed by Paarth Desai

#9 – Large Font Size and Immersive Experience

Micro, nano is no longer a trend, but bad manners. In particular, today, this applies to design. Express yourself really loudly – use large fonts that respond to user actions with the interface.

Designed by Hrvoje Grubisic

#10 – 3D Graphics

And, of course, it is difficult to do without 3D visuals, even if they have to be implemented on flat screens of user devices. Here is a great example of how awesome this trend can be implemented: these marine inhabitants so want to touch!

Designed by Lay

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found something different from what other web resources offer and it will help you create a truly unique design, not inspired by ideas like "everybody was, so I did, too." Therefore, we wish you good luck, as usual :)

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