How can I improve my creativity in design?

Everyone is talking about creativity, admiring it, mocking it, wanting to possess it as Gollum dreamed of One Ring. Ask a hundred creative people how they come to be creative, and you'll get a hundred different answers. Creativity doesn't come about because of some special moment of enlightenment, a sudden muse, or the presence of a unique gene. It appears in the process. As banal as it may sound, "practice makes perfect''.


Here are five steps to help you develop your creativity:

Step 1. Keep an Eye on the Field

It is important to follow not only the sphere of web design. You need to understand that all the web trends come, as a rule, from graphic design. At first, there was a tendency in the graph that graphics are the visual center of the composition, and experiments with cool typography began there. Over time, this came to the web.


Treat your ability to define good design like a gym workout. To build up your muscles, you need to work out systematically. Do not think that you need to be born with this. You can learn it. Follow cool designers on Behance, read and watch magazines, subscribe to fascinating Instagram accounts. You can start with this list:



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Step 2. Constantly Learn

Everything moves so fast, and if you want to be in the game, you need to know your stuff from the source. Read about new design techniques and trends — study design theory to understand what you are doing. Don't get hung up on how to create trendy visual elements in your design. It's very tempting to take a look at these" step-by-step " Photoshop tutorials. However, this will not improve your design skills.


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Good design doesn't start in Photoshop but your head and on paper. First, understand the design theory, and then add a visual shell. Here are a few sites that will help:


Step 3. Put Things in Order in Your Head

Use Osborn’s Checklist:


Osborn’s Checklist:


The control question method is a creative method that allows you to use a list of questions to consider the problem from different sides and find a non-standard solution. It should be said that Osborne's list of questions can be tailored to almost any task:


  • Are new applications possible?
  • What can I copy?
  • What can I attach?
  • Duplicate it?
  • What can be replaced?
  • Change the speed or tempo?
  • Different color, sound, lighting?
  • Different ingredient?
  • Different material?
  • Another location?
  • Combine purposes?
  • Change the sequence of operations?
  • Flip?


Again, despite the fact that this technique applies to physical objects, it is perfect for what you want.


Step 4. Come up With a Hundred Scenarios for the Development of Events

The chemist Linus Pauling once said, "The best way to get a good idea is to have many ideas." So set a timer for 30 minutes and come up with 50 ideas. Ready?" Forward.


This method works for two reasons:


  • You stop criticizing ideas. The primary killer of creativity is when we evaluate ideas before we let them fully develop. If you need to write 50 ideas in 30 minutes, you won't have time to criticize each one. This exercise encourages the discovery of a type of chain reaction where ideas must fully develop.
  • 50 ideas for any creativity is a lot. Somewhere between 15 and 30 ideas are great. First, something banal comes to mind, and then the brain begins to work.


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design job illustration bY tubik.arts

Step 5. Play a Game Called "The 30 Circles Test"

This is a game you probably played as a kid, not necessarily with circles. An arbitrary shape is drawn on a piece of paper, and you need to turn it into an object. This takes it to the next level, and you have to transform into "30" different items. So can you do it? Push the limits of your creativity and expand your visualization capabilities.


Tim Brown, CEO of the design firm IDEO, suggested the TED game talk about the relationship between creative thinking and play.


Bottom Line

Exhale if you think you just can't. Talent is not something that is given to you from birth as a gift from a fairy godmother. Talent needs to be developed, watered with clean water, like flowers. If you feel that you are at the limit, take a break and start again. Only the most stubborn will be successful. Start small, for example, read our article: "Where to find inspiration and how not to lose it'', in which 4 designers discuss how to be creative.

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