How Can I Start Freelancing in Graphic Design?

Freelance is something of what many people are dreaming of: controlling your schedule, working remotely at the seashore, and getting paid for the thing you like doing and know how to do. But there is another side of the coin of being a freelance graphic designer:


  • Low costs of your work for the near 1 year
  • Less money
  • The absence of projects


All these can ruin your desire to switch to freelance, but if you decided to do so, in the article you will find the tools to get your first clients to hold them as well as the hacks on communication, money withdrawal and many more. Let's go!


Graphic Design Freelance Platforms

There are so many aggregators where you can find freelance projects for a graphic designer, here we go:


If you want to conquer the US market, Fiverr is a good choice for you! It is very easy to create a profile there: add your services (gigs), connect a withdrawal method and start getting impressions of your gigs!


Tips on How to Freelance on Fiverr

  1. Upload a professional photo to your account and complete 100% info on your profile
  2. Don't make your price too high or too low, search the other sellers' prices and put something in between
  3. Respond within 1 hour – the clients don't like to wait
  4. Create a good description for your gig: niches, your experience, and portfolio should be visible
  5. Never ask for a review! Never! If you do, the impressions of your gigs will be so low that you will regret it after.


Upwork promo animation
Designed by Zack Patterson


Upwork is also an aggregator platform for freelancers. There you can apply for long-term projects. Unfortunately in Upwork, you can provide multiple services, you need to choose one direction – graphic design for example. Also, there is an hourly rate in Upwork, don't put your maximum, place an average one or less if you are a newbie. Don't forget to upload your portfolio samples!


Tips on How to Freelance on Upwork

  1. Complete your profile and start making connections
  2. In the beginning, you have 60 bonus connects, spend them wisely
  3. Create a professional introductory letter
  4. Respond quickly and politely
  5. Talk about all the details of the contracts before and after work. Ask if the result meets the needs of the client, if not – edit your work.


Dribbble is a unique platform created for visual professionals. It has its dashboard for finding freelance work for designers. There you will find long-term and short-term projects, and many more inspirations to get. Search for the work of other graphic designers and do some trend watching to offer something modern to your clients!


Tips on How to Freelance on Dribbble

  1. Upload your best works to the account and create an engaging bio;
  2. Communicate more on the platform – you never know where your next hire;
  3. Upgrade to PRO. That's how you can contact the projects directly;
  4. Be polite in your communication;
  5. Speak about all the details before you start any project.



Money Withdrawal Methods

Being a freelancer means taking the responsibility for your money management as well. Withdrawing money can be difficult and confusing for the first time, here are the payment methods accepted by most freelance platforms:


  • Stripe is a payment method available in 43 countries such as India, USA, Europe, etc. Create an account there, provide your bank number, confirm your address and connect with your freelance platform!
  • PayPal is a creation of Elon Musk, so it works easily with various currencies. You will also need to provide any additional info to get the money on your PayPal account. Before using it make sure that your nationality allows you to withdraw money from PayPal.
  • Bank Account. Some platforms provide this payment method (for example Revolut). Go to the requisites of your bank account and fill out the appropriate forms on your freelance platform.

Communication With Clients

It is simple and plain that communication is the key to getting your clients back as well as quality.


  • Always be polite while communicating with clients.
  • Keep the distance. Clients are not your friends, so do not cross the line being too friendly and asking private questions.
  • Keep the time management perfect, speak about deadlines, the roadmap of the project as well as the money and feedback.
  • Learn more details on the project you are going to work with.


There were the basic steps while starting your designer freelance career. Please, take a look at our articles on portfolio creation and many more steps in transferring to self-employes on the website. Stay tuned and get ready for your freelance career!

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