How Do I Design a Logo?

The purpose of the logo is clear – it increases awareness and recognition in society, the awareness about the brand, identity, and its message. There are certain rules, techniques on how to create a great logo. FlowMapp is going to show you that.

Principles of Good Logo

Several criteria define the logo that will be actual forever. Here they are:


Principles of Good Logo


Simplicity is crucial for the logo design because it allows the viewers to memorize it. If a person can remember the logo of the brand, they will be able to remember the brand as well. A great logo features a unique quality without overwhelming it.

Easy to Remember

Another feature of a hot logo is its ability to get memorized. It is the second important feature because it also depends on simplicity. For a logo to be good, it also should be distinctive and clear.

Out of Time

Timeless design is something we all are looking for. The logo should be created to be actual for decades. Of course, some correctives can be applied to it over time, but if the main idea is the same – the logo is timeless.


LOGO design by Oleg Coada


It is also important for the logo to be functional. This kind of logo has to word through many media: printed, digital – it should look perfect everywhere. You should be able to scale the logo and reverse it.


Of course, a logo should be appropriate. For example, you can't use childish font when designing a logo for a financial consultant. It would seem weird. The product that is sold by the company should not be placed at the logo, don't take it too literally.



Logo Trends

The trends of the logo in 2021 will fall in line with the design trends of 2021. Let's take a quick look at them:


  • Perspective drawing will always be actual for logo design.
  • Geometry is also a huge logo trend in 2021. So many great companies use geometry in their logo design: Airbnb, Airtable, and many more.
  • Divergent letters are another logo trend of 2021. Though there is not much of a space if the company name is literal, the designer can make it memorable as well.
  • Portraits for a logo is a hot trend of 2021. If you have a family business or would love the business to be associated with a person, do that!
  • Symmetrical lines and hand-drawn logos are also cool this year. It is a great choice if you want to create a logo to stand out of the time.
  • Modernism is trendy again! Check out the hottest logo designs further to get inspired.



Tools for Logo Design

There are a hundred tools where you can create a logo. We are going to mention the most frequently used ones all over the world:

Adobe Illustrator

This tool is one of the favorite ones for all graphic designers. Adobe Illustrator has a great range of features that you might like:


  • Wide toolbar
  • Integrations
  • Great for pros


If you want to create a logo quickly, you can use Figma for that. There are basic features that you might need for that in Figma. It has a free version with the tool that you need to create a logo, so if you are a newbie, try this tool.



Logo Constructors


Wix is a website constructor. There is a function of logo creation if you use a paid version of the platform. The main idea of the Wix logo constructor is to ease the process and let business owners do it on their own.


With Canva you can create both professional designs and logos with simple tools. There are templates in Canva to help you with that. Also, the toolbar is quite narrow which will help you not to distract.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands has a great logo maker that will ease your work with the logotype. You can also review your existing logo with these tools to make it fit for different sizes and media. This is a nice tool for business owners and newbies in design.




This is a logo constructor that will allow you to create logos not only for digital purposes. You can make it for your offline business as well. LogoGarden has an affiliate program that can help you share with your friends of partners and gain offers.

Bottom Line

Did you like the tools and principles of a great logo? Share it with your designer friends and stay tuned!

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