How To Create Content Design?

In our previous article, we spoke about what content design is. We know that content design is called up to organize all the website’s content in the most effective way for the users. And now let’s find out how to create a content design.

Benefits of Content Design

Let’s start with the benefits that content design gives you when you build your website.


  1. It helps you to build a flexible information structure.
    Content design is all about structuring the content, so we can create quality pieces of content in a strong consistency to help our users achieve their goals.
  2. It helps you to enhance and update the content.
    We need to supply fresh content because the content design is about quality texts. Not about copying or spamming. Use tools to avoid the chances of your content not being strong enough. The content design allows us to improve the content on the way from the beginning of the designing process to the end.
  3. It secures consistency between the texts and makes website navigation easy for a user.
    Easy website navigation is one of the most important things in the designing process. When we pay attention to the content, we make our product stronger. We improve our SEO, we make our content logical, we naturally insert call-to-actions. Just because we are responsible for the content.
  4. It reduces misunderstandings between all the members of the creation process.
    You can read more about content design principles and other stuff we wrote about in the previous article, but now let’s focus directly on the process of designing the content.


Participants of the Process

Content designers work for two groups of people:

  • website users
  • product designers


Content design is about the needs of our users. But on the other side, there are product designers who want to sell or position the product through its content in a certain way. So, content designers work to satisfy the needs of both groups. We should understand that so we can create our content designing process. Never forget, there are two groups of people for whom the process is built.

When we know that a content designer’s work is built around these two main groups of people, we can create strong content. Creating a content structure looks like site mapping with a focus on content characteristics. You organize your content and build relationships between texts.

Start the Process

First, let’s answer some questions to start the process of designing the content:

  1. What is the content hierarchy?
  2. What is the main message of all the website’s content?
  3. How to craft small parts of the content into the whole picture?
  4. Where to insert additional parts of the content?


When you know all the answers, you can plan your designing process around the information that's been properly searched and prepared by content designers.


Tools To Create The Process

We won’t talk about pen and paper. Use the Hemingway App to check the readability of texts. Organize your content and visualize the customer’s experience by using Customer Journey Map, CJM, Let’s define how it can help you:



You can create main characters by describing their needs, goals, feelings, etc.


You can organize and fill in your maps using standard blocks.


With CJM you can create the whole story. Not just put the pieces of the content, but build a logical and interesting story around your product.


You can customize your map.



And work together with other teams to improve your digital products, websites, and mobile apps.


Why use this tool? Because when we talk about content design we talk about users' needs. So with CJM, you can improve the user's experience while using your website. If you want to build a strong website you should see a clear picture of their goals. Also, you can reduce users’ frustration by digging into the decision points and key steps of their journey.



To create a content design you should think about users’ needs. Do research on your content, structure it, update information if it’s needed.

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