How UX Improves SEO?

The first page of Google search says that five things are crucial for SEO:


  • Convenience for mobile devices
  • Download speed
  • Site security
  • URL Structure
  • Site navigation


Everything seems to be simple, but then why aren't all sites in the top search? It's all about user orientation. It is not enough to perform everything technically well. First, you need to earn the love of users.

Earn the Love of Users

Search algorithms love what users love. And they raise these pages on top of the search. So what do users love? To understand this, let's look at how people search for information:


  • The user enters a request
  • The algorithms form a page with the results
  • The user studies the output and goes to a site that can satisfy his request
  • Within a few seconds, the user decides whether to stay on the site or not
  • The user gets what he/she needs on the site or goes to search further


how people search for information
how people search for information


Let's focus on the fourth point of the scheme. Within a few seconds, the user decides whether to stay on the site or not. At this stage, the user decides whether he likes the site or not. If a person is satisfied with the site from the first seconds, he is more likely to stay on it (love it). Google's search algorithms will notice this and raise the site in the search.

What can we do to make users fall in love with the site at first sight?

  1. Study the audience, their problems and show how you will solve it
  2. Present the information conveniently and clearly
  3. Be in context

Earn the Love of Users: Study the Audience

You will understand what real problems your product can solve. If the product brings tangible benefits, people want to use it.

How to study the audience

  1. Find out the gender, age, profession, and interests of users.
  2. Determine what problems related to your product your audience has.
  3. Understand how your product can solve these problems.

Tips and Tricks

Visualize the user experience. Conduct surveys and interviews. Draw a flow user, use CJM, create personas using Flowmapp tools.


Customer journey map tool by FlowMapp
Customer journey map tool by FlowMapp

Earn the Love of Users: Present Information Conveniently and Clearly

Make the information on the pages be read diagonally and in a few seconds if this is an article. If you have an online store, make sure that the interface directs the user to the goal, and not pushes him away.

1. Work on the typography

Choose a good font, size, line length, letter spacing, place accents in texts, notifications, menus, etc

2. Make it understanding

Don't try to create your unique new design so that people have to understand it. Use already familiar interfaces and elements. Then people will understand that a button is a button, and a title is a title. According to Jacob's law, people spend most of their time on other sites and want to see similar designs and solutions.


Design system example
Design system by Arman Chowdhury Nijum

3. Make smart copies and illustrations

Provide the texts with illustrations and titles so that the general meaning of the articles is blatant even without reading. Just like in this article.


illustration help to tell about the product. Designed by Outcrowd

Earn the Love of Users: Be in Context

We set up the typography and figured out who the audience is. What's next? Try to understand why users are entering the query. For example, to buy something or study it. And what do they expect to see in response to their request?


How to be in the context

  • If your site is most often visited to study product information, create an information page or blog that will provide users with useful information, and do not rush to show the sales page. This can be annoying and frustrating. And sad users go to other sites
  • Make sure that the design matches the content. For example, don't draw pink butterflies on a chainsaw website (unless you sell chainsaws for little princesses)


Website design by outcrowd

Earn the Love of the Machine

When you have earned the love of users, it's time to work on the technical part. There is no way without it. Google gives out a million similar articles on the Internet on this topic. Therefore, we will give only brief tips:


  • Mobile-friendly design. Every second user uses a mobile device and wants to interact with the site with no sweat. Optimize your website for different screens and devices. Create an adaptive design. If users cannot click a button or add an item to the cart from a mobile phone, they leave your site.
  • Page speed. Users are not ready to wait long for your site to load. It is easier for them to find a new one. It is worth not only working hard on killer design but also optimizing it. Check out the Google tool. It will help speed up your site.
  • Website security. The site must not contain malicious content. First, implement HTTPS and SSL.
  • URL structure. A convenient URL architecture helps the user to understand exactly where he/she is on the site, which page he/she is going to. Google also values user-friendly URLs and increases the ranking of sites that contain keywords in their URLs.
  • Navigation on the site. Create a crunchy sitemap. Use clear and easy-to-understand texts. Add a link to the logo so that it is convenient to go to the main page if the user is lost. Do not make non-standard menus. Use HTML tags for their intended purpose: h1 is followed by h2, and so on.


Website design
Website design by tUBIk

Briefly about How UX Improves SEO

Earn the Love of Users

  • Study the audience, understand their pains and show how your product solves these problems
  • Present the information conveniently
  • Be in context

Earn the Love of Machine

  • Make a Mobile-friendly design
  • Optimize the page speed
  • Secure user data
  • Build a logical URL structure
  • Work on easy navigation

Congratulations, your SEO has been improved!

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