Is Graphic Design a Dying Career?

Graphic design is one of the most well-established designs in both the offline and digital worlds. The history of it starts in 1922 when the term "graphic design" was used for the first time by William Addison Dwiggins, who created an essay on the visuals and their structure.


AI is developing now and the question is whether there is a risk that the profession of a designer will be irrelevant because everything will be done by a computer. Thus the computer can be taught everything, but not the good taste. Even if the software does all the programming and runs a business, designers will always remain designers.


From that time, there were so many styles and approaches to graphic design, such as lithography, art-nouveau, modernism, Bauhaus, and postmodernism, that the answer for the question of "is graphic design a dying career?" is no.


According to Statista the average monthly salary of a graphic designer in the US and Europe is about the US $4000. And this range is developing as well.


  • Glassdor – US $3750 per month
  • Indeed – US $3900 per month
  • Other websites – US $1500-2500 per month


The salaries of graphic designers growing as well as the number of competitors on the market.

Graphic Designer Mission

Graphic design help businesses deliver their message to the end-users. It helps with brand-user communication as well.

Helps with Brand Image

The main purpose of graphic design is to be the foundation of a branding strategy. It is about creating the image which will be associated with the brand in the future. The strategy includes printing marketing material like posters, business cards, banners, designing websites, mobile apps, social media pages that all have one purpose - communicate with the user through visual language.


Nike 'Do it for NY' Campaign concept
Nike 'Do it for NY' Campaign concept by Sylvan Hillebrand

Enhance User Experience

Graphic design helps with making big blocks of texts into the graphic blocks of information. It is useful for a reader who doesn't need to read everything. Enhancing user experience like this is a cost-effective and modern way to improve the website.


Exploration for the online course
Exploration for the online course by dwinawan


Visual content is more important than we think: it influences the decision-making of users, engages them, and leaves an emotional mark on the perception of the brand.


Redesign of Method Shop
Redesign of Method Shop by Daphnie Loong and Daniel Tan

Future of Graphic Design

Technologies are immersing now that will be the core tech of graphic design in the future. Let's look at some of them.


  • Augmented reality is the tech that will be mostly used in marketing. Designers will in
  • 3D printing will be the extension of graphic design in the nearest future. When a graphic designer creates a visual, 3D creates an object of reality that also can be used in business.

Graphic Design Learning

When you finally decided to be graphic designer, you have to know where you can do that. You don't necessarily need to have lots of money to enter the university and get a degree. Now there are some ways to learn digitally to become a graphic designer.


Udemy is an online courses platform that allows you to learn almost everything in the digital world. Design course consists of tools learning, theory, and practice.

Shaw Academy

There you pay only once for all the content of the course. It is a great platform if you want to study gradually. Don't hesitate to postpone the learning if you need to.

Canva Design School

Canva is not only a cool tool for beginners in UX/UI, but it is also a school of graphic design. it is a marketing-focused course that will help you with branding, logo design, and many more.

Bottom Line

Also, there are so many tutorials on YouTube that might teach you the most wanted techniques of graphic design, that saying about graphic design as a dying career is a huge mistake. Graphic design has undergone many changes and still is in great demand both in digital and offline markets.

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