What Are the Trendiest Illustration Styles in Web Design in 2022?

As they say, clothes don't make the man, but… It's a pity when a service or product of top quality is wrapped in an outdated or banal "package". In particular, we're talking about illustrations and, in general, visuals that business owners place on their websites. After all, even if a few years ago you created a truly attractive design for your web product, this does not mean that it’s still relevant today and is positively perceived by its target audience.


That's why we decided to put together ten of the coolest illustrative web design trends to give you a guide. And as a bonus, we also prepared a small list of anti-trends that will help you understand whether it is worth redoing the existing website design or you can wait for the time being.


Illustration Trends Every Digital Business Owner Should Keep in Mind

Here are some illustrative trends that will rule in 2022. So, let's watch and get inspired!



How do you feel about lollipops? You are unlikely to find someone who, at least as a child, did not have a weakness for these goodies. And this can work in your favor. Bright, juicy shades, embodied in three-dimensional forms, are sure to attract the attention of your website visitors.

Illustrations by Paulina Almira


Do you love bright colors as much as the illustrators whose work we have presented below? Today, it is brightness that is considered one of the main trends in web design. And this is very pleasing, since personally we are very tired of the monochrome that is often found in the rather hackneyed Art Deco style.

Illustrations by Sebacuri


We think comics will never go out of fashion, yep. But now the trendiest trend is not those comics that we are used to seeing in the creations of Marvel and DC, but those that belong to the Manga style. In general, this is not surprising, given the massive popularization of everything Japanese.

Illustrations by JaeHoon Choi

High Saturation

Did you think we would leave everything to do with color alone? Not this time and not this year! Highly saturated illustrations definitely deserve your attention if you want to create something really fresh for your website. Just look at these arts and see for yourself how cool they are!

Illustrations by Fraink

Paint Gun

The paint gun or airgun is a typical tool used by graffiti artists. Despite the fact that this style is far from new and has been well known since antiquity, today we associate it with the dashing nineties, the culture of which has gained new popularity in our time. See what works have inspired us.

Illustrations by Miguel Cruz


Why not make an illustration that looks like a tweaking diagram? We think this is a very good decision in such a high-tech era we live in. Just look how competently and non-trivially this idea is embodied in Junxian Chen's art.

Illustrations by Junxian Chen


You thought stitching was old fashioned? But no! Let's see how masterfully Peter Frederiksen combines the stitches and themes of well-known cartoons. Think maybe this is exactly what your business needs?

Illustrations by Peter Frederiksen


Geometric primitivism is both easy to implement and beautiful. Take a look at this amazing combination of colors and shapes - perhaps this simple approach will make your business recognizable on the web.

Illustrations by Rocio Egio

Odd Gradient

Oh that gradient!.. At the beginning of the last decade, it became one of the major mainstreams in all design branches. Today, connoisseurs of beauty favor only its extraordinary forms - the rest are already boring.

Illustrations by Loc Huynh


Despite the fact that a huge number of works of modern web designers can be attributed to the 3D category, we will focus on those that carry some recognizable style. For example, as in the works of Anna Kajda.

Illustrations by Anna Kajda 


We hope that we have helped you find out the main illustration trends in web design and understand which styles are best to avoid. Now, with this guide in mind, you can bring your first-hand design to life.

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