What Are the Best Chrome Extensions for Web Designers? Listen to Owl and Say Wow

If you are a web designer, you probably need software solutions that will inspire / help to learn from someone else's experience / optimize workflows. The easiest way to use them is in the form of Google Chrome extensions - so you don't have to leave your familiar browser and worry about its compatibility with third-party software solutions.

Today our Noble Owl decided to reveal the secrets of his experience and share top extensions that will help you become a 80 lvl web designer.


Owls Know More Than Just the Colors of the Night

Why bother compiling a new color palette when you can adapt the time-tested one? Let's start our review with extensions that can define the color palette of web pages with designs you like.



With ColorZilla, you can define a color on a website page. When is this extension needed? When you want to define the color of a pixel without the resource-intensive PhotoShop or ColorDraw. Here you can copy the name of the color and use it for another program.



Site Palette

This solution is designed to generate palettes that make up the color scheme of a specific web page. And all this - with one click! The resulting palettes can be downloaded to Sketch and Adobe.



Owl Can See the Mouse Lurking and the Snake Crawling

Also you may find a need for screen capture and video recording plugins.



This is a screen capture plugin that provides advanced options for editing screenshots and uploading them to the cloud.



Loom for Chrome

This plugin allows you to record short video messages and share them. In particular, it supports simultaneous recording of the screen and your actions, saving videos, leaving comments on them, etc.




This is a very handy extension for grabbing the entire page. Perhaps you will not find any more analogs that are able to take a screenshot in two clicks.



Owls Keep Secrets of Those Who Walked in the Forest

Owls are thrifty. Now, here are some useful storage extensions.


Notion Web Clipper

This extension allows you to save any page on the Internet to the Notion workspace. Notion Web Clipper is compatible with a number of websites, including Wikipedia, New York Times, Twitter, and Instagram. Thus, you can save all kinds of media from these websites (such as PDF, text, images, and video) to your Notion workspace.




This plugin turns empty tabs into a place to store a list of tabs. On the right side there is a panel with the current tabs, and the main part is occupied by the lists you have created. You can easily drag and drop tabs into any list to organize them by topic, site, or any other criteria.


Save to Pocket

You can use this extension to write articles, videos, and other web content. Just one click of the mouse, and you will see all your saves in a single format, without numerous tab switching.


Owls See More Than You Think

Owls know that being inspired doesn't mean stealing. Here are some great extensions that will bring all of your sources of inspiration together.



This extension from Muzli is one of the best tools for inspiration. Every day, when you open your browser, you will see beautiful sites, Dribbble shots, and cool illustrations.




This is another tool that will bring you new inspirational posts to Dribbble, Product Hunt, GitHub, Hacker News, Medium, and more (over 200 sources).

This is a personalized news feed for developers. Here you will see the latest posts from CSS-Tricks, Smashing Magazine, and more (400+ resources in total).



Owls Can't Write But It Doesn't Stop They Catching Mice

Owls know: memorizing all the names of the fonts in the world is unnecessary. Below you can familiarize yourself with the tools for font recognition.


Fonts Ninja 

This extension detects fonts on any website and allows you to try them out in your design solution.



With this extension, you can recognize the names of fonts by hovering over them. By the way, this product is integrated with Typekit and Google Font API.


Owls Can Hunt Prey

Owls understand that they have time to hunt until dawn. Here are extensions to help you streamline your workflow.


Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer

Focus To-Do combines Pomodoro Timer and Task Management. This extension will motivate you to stay focused and achieve specific goals. By combining Pomodoro technique and to-do list in one place, you can write and organize tasks into to-do lists, start a timer and focus on work, set reminders for important tasks and assignments, and measure time spent at work.




This is another mindfulness tool that can help you beat internet addiction. With its help, you will be able not to be distracted from the main tasks for half an hour, and then interrupt for side activities for rest. As practice shows, interval work is the most productive.


Owls Are not What They Seem

Owls know more than you think. Finally, there are a few more useful tools for web designers (and not only for them).


Light House

It is an automated tool for improving the performance and quality of web solutions. While auditing a page, Lighthouse runs a series of tests and then generates a report on how well the page is performing. You can use failed tests as indicators of what can be optimized.


UX Check

Here you will be presented with ten Nielsen heuristics in the sidebar. If any of the site's components do not match a specific heuristic, you can save this note and share it with your colleagues.




This extension will help you build a palette from Dribbble images.


Emmet Re:view

This extension provides a responsive web page in several variations. This way, you will be able to see how it looks at different resolutions and on different devices.



Final Thoughts

Let's summarize. As you can see, Noble Owl did not hide from you even the most non-trivial tools that he uses, creating beautiful design solutions that look like a piece of art. So, have you tried any of these extensions?

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