What Is a Good Mobile App Design Tool?

Now there are lots of mobile applications that help a designer to deliver the best possible design to the client. With help of these apps, a professional can create prototypes, wireframes, and many designs from a scratch. Take a look at our list of the most efficient mobile app design tools to improve your performance and boost productivity.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, which means that if you have a subscription, you won't need to pay twice. Adobe XD gives a designer a comfortable and consistent way to create prototypes, wireframes, and many more. Designers like Adobe XD for the feature's set and collaboration tools.


Whether you are a freelancer or a part of the big team, Adobe XD is a secure way to share your work with the colleagues of yours. These tools can be installed on Mac, Windows, and Android, which makes the instrument very affordable for a wide range of users.




Marvel is an application design platform, that allows you to create mockups, prototypes, and wireframes. Besides applications, you can make an interface of a web page there, which is very comfortable when you are multitasking.


This tool is very effective in the early stages of wireframing when you are converting your idea into something that can be shown to your client. Marvel can be used both from desktop and tablet, so it's nice to use when you are not at home or just want to make a quick sketch. Available on the web version and free subscription, but paid plans start from $12.


Mobile app design
Mobile app design by Bogdan Nikitin



This one is a tool for prototyping for teams, it is also an interactive design tool displayed on the market. It is an intuitive and clear tool, that doesn't require any coding. It allows you to drag and drop the components to create an interface.


Framer has adaptive layouts, which is so comfortable as it doesn't require any coding. With help of these tools, a designer can concentrate on the main things such as UI not worrying about the integrations, formats, and distribution. Available on Mac only, and includes a free plan, but if you want the full range of the features, choose the Pro plan – $20 per month.


Mobile app design by Fireart


Figma is the tool where you can create mobile apps. Sound cool right? There are many templates for it that greatly facilitate the design and prototyping of mobile applications. You can easily learn how to do that on your own because the platform has tutorials for various levels of designers.




Mockplus is cool when it comes to quick testing: you can scan QR code and preview the prototypes on a native device immediately. It also has a wide library of icons, components, that will help you create fast without forgetting your ideas.


Available on Mac, Android, and Windows. Has a free version and a $199.9 per year version.

Top Mobile App Constructors

Appery is a low-code app construction platform. There you can easily create hybrid mobile applications, web applications, and progressive web apps (PWAs). The tool is good for a team of collaborators. You can also bring your own back-end if you want to!


Mobile app design
Mobile app design by fireart

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a low-code platform that gives you the power to make mobile applications quickly, securely, and perfectly well for your type of business. If you don't have any coding experience – no problem, the tool is simple and clear for the ones like that.


Appypie is also a low-code mobile app platform. There you can also create websites and many more. It has lots of useful integrations with Slack, Asana, Hubspot for the most efficient and productive work.

The Play

This is a tool that has not yet been officially released, but it promises to revolutionise the design of mobile sites and applications. It is also very good-looking from our point of view. The product is currently operating in Private Beta mode, you can send a request and get an early access.




If you want to choose the most appropriate tool for mobile app design, first think of the software you're using to install the tool, secondly don't forget about the tasks you are going to perform within the instrument: prototyping, or wireframing, or maybe something else.


And finally, remember that it always takes time to learn new tools and techniques.

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