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Product Designer on DocuSign's CLM

Archit Jha

As an engineer turned designer, he loves to dabble with multiple facets of product development, enjoys binge-watching anime, trying out new restaurants, and writing reviews on Google Maps

Get Feedback Early and Often

Building a product is a complex challenge with multitudes of variables at play. The pace of a growing company with the product teams expanding and the numbers of stakeholders growing rapidly can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is imperative that we get and give feedback early and often. This tactic instills transparency, complements the agile approach, and makes it easier for cross-functional partners (Product, Engineering, Design, Research, IX, and others) to collaborate and align on the work and the process. Going too far without feedback can be pretty expensive. Therefore, It doesn't matter if you only have scrappy sketches or a loosely organized document. Sharing it early will aid directional alignment and course correction along the way as you navigate your way to building a product solution.

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