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Founder and CCO of Digital Surgeons

Pete Sena

Pete is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Digital Surgeons, a creative consultancy that helps brands spark and create new opportunities for growth.

Where Your Creative Focus Goes, The Energy Flows

This is my creative algorithm for progress and possibility. Mindset + Actions = PROGRESS.

I believe our mindset plus our actions are the strongest predictors of progress. If you start with a fixed (or scarcity) mindset, your possibilities will be fixed too. If you start with a growth mindset (abundance), your possibilities will be more abundant.

Start with a vision. One thing every successful entrepreneur or creative professional I’ve worked with (or interviewed) shares with me, is how the more you visualize what you are seeking the more likely it will become true.

Experience with FlowMapp: Uses Flowmapp regularly in his work at Digital Surgeons to design demand for the customers.

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